Thursday, 6 September 2012

As a Golf Professional I get little time for modeling during the summer months here in Canada. I have been able to do some weathering and I have started to try artist oil paint. With a little practice I am starting to get the hang of the way oils work. The best part of oil is that when I am trying to make rust the texture of the thick oil paint look great. Here are some pic’s of what I have come up with.

I have only put one layer on the well cars. I did them first so now that I know more about how the oils work I will go back over them again and fix them up. I really like that with the oil I can run a little solvent over the oil and it will wash right off until I seal it with dullcote. If anyone is thinking about using oils just remember they take a long time to dry and fingers will take the paint off easy until they are dullcoted. Even after 4 days the oil remains "wet" but after dullcote they become dry once the dullcote sets.