Friday, 28 October 2011

Start of the yard

This week I added the yard lead and started the 3 arrival and departure tracks.

I have started the station platform but had to stop because I ran out of tenaX.

This is the start of my diesel shops.

Here is the start of my lumber yard.

I have also built a grain elevator but I don’t know if I will be using it on this part of the layout. I might keep it for future expansion

Saturday, 15 October 2011

First Runing Trains

I stayed up late last night and got the track laid and with a quick wire job i have trains running. I know it isn’t much to look at yet but I am on my way. It is funny my main road I model is CP but yet the first 2 trains are the Northstar and BNSF.

I do model 3 different roads, First is CP second is BNSF and 3rd is Norfolk Southern. I model modern day, when I do custom paint jobs I try and find the most current roster photos I can so I can paint and weather my locos.

Here is my new workbench with a DPM building I have just started. Lots of work to be done.


Here are some pics of a few custom paint jobs i have done is the past.

Friday, 14 October 2011

It all begins

New Home Layout Construction

Well it has been some time since I have had a home layout but after getting married this summer my wife has let me start in the spare bedroom. So I started planning and after 4 months of planning I have come up with a track plan.

 The guys at the club helped me build the bench work. Some helped more than others.

After putting everything together I had to take it all apart to get it home in my little Civic. So after 5 more hours at home I have the bench work already to go.

Now I am waiting for the contact cement to dry so I can put down cork. Hope to get the outside main line and station track laid this weekend.

Cork is laid, sanded and contact cement applied. If it dries tonight then I will start to lay some track.