Saturday 21 February 2015

February Update

Over the last few weeks I have been laying more track and running trains to make sure everything is running well. I am still waiting on the #10 turnouts that I need to complete the main line. Throughout the photos you will see track that is bowing, this is because I have not glued the track everywhere because of the #10’s that need to be installed. 

Double track main running through what will be the second part of the city.

At the end of the city is the start of the yard. Yard lead is to right. The spur to the left goes to 2 small industries that will be in the corner. The 4th track on the left near the top leads to the staging yard.

Third line to the inside is the start of the industrial line.

On the other side of the peninsula from the city we have the major industry area. Here we have just the passenger station tracks. 

And today i started to add the small yard that will be used to switch out all of the industries that will be located here. 

On the back wall will be the intermodal yard.

I have enough turnouts to start the intermodal yard but not enough to finish it. The #7's that i need for this yard are currently being used as crossovers on the mains until the #10's show up.

All of the turnouts on the layout will be operated by side switches. The only exception will be the staging yard will be operated by DCC. 

I have started to do some fascia tests.

Thanks for looking

Sunday 4 January 2015

Not much happened over the summer on the layout but with Code 55 flex, #5 and #7 turnouts having shown up about 3 weeks ago layout progress has begun.

Over the summer I did spend some time working on the start of my city. I have the base roads installed and a few building in place. All still need weathering and details.

I have installed the 4 A/D tracks for the yard and mainline 1 has been installed around the whole layout. I don’t have the #10 turnouts that I need for the mainline cross overs yet so I have used paper cut outs to mark where they will be going. It is great to be able to see trains moving even though it is only part done and the power for the whole layout is coming from one power drop. This is also my first time using code 55 track, it is not as robust to handling as code 80 so I am taking track layout slower than I normal would. Also I have always laid track with water based contact cement but on this layout I tried DAP latex caulk for the first time. So far so good with the caulk. I always thought it would make a mess but if you only use a small bead and then a putty knife everything is kept neat and tidy. I had a few spots where I had to much caulk but was able to scrap it off after it dried with a knife. I have not glued within 2 feet of anywhere where I will be installing a turnout so they will install easy.

This is the one side of the peninsula

And the other

Here is a video update of the layout so far.

I have also started the wiring for the layout. At this point in time I will not be installing occupancy detectors and signaling, but the layout will be set up now for their installation at a later time.

Thanks for looking

Sunday 13 April 2014

April Update

Wow I haven't made a post since November. There hasn't been a lot done on the layout because I am still waiting on track and also because we are rebuilding the layout at the club so most of January - March was spent working there.

First I have the layout fully corked and ready for track. Here is a video tour of the layout.

Here is the most current track plan that goes with the video.

I have started to work on building for the layout as well. 

Here is the grain elevator. I am thinking of cutting it down to just 1 loading shed as in real life they would not load 2 at a time like this.

 I am going to have a rundown trailer park in one of the corners this is the first of 7 trailers i need to build.

On the opposite side of the yard will be the city. I have started to build building for here as well. I have also drawn out some streets.

This bridge is near my house and I am using it as the prototype for my bridge scene. Mine will be just a river under the bridge no highway and a double track bridge but you get the idea.

I am also kitbashing 2 George Roberts Printing building into a bigger building. Still working on how that will work.

Finally got my swing down entrance way built. Right now it is nice and stiff and fits well. We will see how it holds up over time.

That is all for now.

Saturday 16 November 2013

Well golf season ends tomorrow with the closing of the course so that means more time for modelling. The only problem I am having is the lack of Atlas code 55 track. I am waiting on my order and have no idea when I might see it. I only have 3 feet of cookie cut, my lift out to finish and some back drop down the middle to do then all is done until I get track. Here are some pics of what I have so far.

I have started to draw out the center lines to see how it will look. Also I can start to lay cork.

Saturday 12 October 2013

Just been working away on the bench work. I hope to get a coat of paint on the back drop before the day is over.

I have also run some house wire and wired up 5 outlets around the layout for power where ever i need it.


Saturday 21 September 2013

More Bench Work

I have been working on my bench work for the last few weeks. I now have the base around the room and the peninsula done.

Also I installed a new TV for when I am working on my layout or at my work desk or as you can see from the lazy chair when I just want to watch football. The chair and foot stool slide under the layout when I am not using them.

Wednesday 11 September 2013

So after months of planning and with no real timeline on Atlas code 55 track I though it was time to get the bench work built before summer ends and it starts to get cold here in Hamilton Ontario. I have been part of a club that has built 2 large layouts, one with 1x3 pine and one with 3/4 plywood and the plywood layout was 100 % better. It works out to be a little more money but it is so much stronger and easier to work with and you don't have to go through 1000 boards to get 50 that are worth using.

We get the lumber yard to rip them in half so they are easier to run through the table saw. It is a little time consuming but the payoffs are in the strength of the bench work and the fact that the plywood will not expand and contract in weather changes like pine will.

The layout height will be 55" but we built the bench work at 52'' which leaves 3" for rivers and valleys. Most of the layout will be flat but it is always good to have the option. Legs are just made from 2 pieces in an L shape and will have a 45 degree braces to make them sturdier.


After a days work with a friend that does the ripping and has taught me about wood working I have one section built and installed in the basement. We still have some ripping to do but are well on our way.

Here is a update of the layout plan that I have been working on. My next update will have labels on the plan so you can all see what is going where. I am sure I will change it at least 4 more times before I get any track.

That is all for now. Thanks for looking