Sunday, 18 December 2011

Pre-Fab and Custom painting update

Since my last post I have done some custom painting and also finished off the Pre-Fab building.

The Pre-Fab building is now ready for the layout. After gluing on all the details I spent some time work on the last of the painting. At some point I will have to weather the building but for now it is done.

Also did some painting over the last few weeks.

First a Via F40PH.

Then 2 CP GP38’s

And 2 Via RDC’s

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Woodlands Scenics Pre-Fab

Have been working on the Woodlands Scenic Pre-Fab Fresh Market kit. For years I have built the DPM buildings with details parts like the night life kit. This kit is really easy to put together. What is tough is the painting just like DPM buildings. The detail parts all have pre-drilled holes and fit easy. I still have some details to add and lots of weathering to do. Not a bad kit for $22.

I have not done a lot of work on the layout lately but I have started to fit building and sper tracks.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011


With all the track in place other than the industry siding I though I should start to work on building to use. Over the last few years since I last had a layout set up I have been building buildings for friends to use on there layouts and have gotten a lot better at building. I have pulled all my build building out of storage to see what can be used on the new layout. Most of my old buildings were unpainted when I put them together so I have been painting built building. This is not easy and you should always paint first, also something I have learned since the last layout.

 Here we have the Water Street Freight Terminal. Painted after building

Also Al’s Victory Service had to be painted after it was built.

I wanted to have a nice big corner hotel so I had to bash to DMP kits together. I am planning to light this building and as you can see after I painted on the Blinds from the inside I painted some windows black and left some open so the light will only show through in some rooms. I think it will add to the realism of the building.

I built this small diorama for a friend. It came out so well I just hope I can do it again for my own layout.

I built the DPM Night Life kit and sold it to another friend so I will also have to rebuild this kit as well.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Ditch Lights for a N-Scale GP38

I spent some time adding ditch lights to my GP38 and thought I would show you how I did it. I got the idea from Jim Reising and how he did his SD60mac and dash 8’s. 

After taking apart the locos, I milled the frames to make room in the nose for the .03” Fiber Optics. I got it from Circuitron.

Fiber Optic cable will bend if it is heated, I learned that it bends towards the heat. I use a soldering iron and if you hold it near the light pipe (Fiber Optic Cable) about .5” away the cable begins to bend towards the heat. You don’t want to touch the cable - just get close. Once I got the first right angle bend in the cable, I fit it in a hole I drilled in the shell just under the front walkway.

I cut the bottom of the cab shade so that the cable can fit under it.

After the shade was cut, I fit it back in the cab and measured all the lengths so I could make the other bends in the pipe. The first pipe was hard because the measurements didn’t always work as well as I would have hoped. I think I wasted about a foot of cable before I got one pipe correct. After I got one pipe that fit I made others based on the first.

When I was ready to install the pipes, I took the cab off the shell and put the pipe in the holes. A small drop with a pin of CA glue will hold that pipe in place.

With the cab off the shell, it is easy to line up the pipe with the LED.

If you need to adjust the pipe in the cab you can use a fine tip soldering iron and the pipe will move towards the heat. This will help bring the pipe to the light source. To help improve the light going into the pipe, you can ball the end by touching the pipe to the soldering iron for a split second.

I used a little brass tube cut and painted black to make a cover for the pipe that stuck out the front.

I hope this tutorial gives you an ideas on how you can add ditch lights to your locos

Friday, 28 October 2011

Start of the yard

This week I added the yard lead and started the 3 arrival and departure tracks.

I have started the station platform but had to stop because I ran out of tenaX.

This is the start of my diesel shops.

Here is the start of my lumber yard.

I have also built a grain elevator but I don’t know if I will be using it on this part of the layout. I might keep it for future expansion

Saturday, 15 October 2011

First Runing Trains

I stayed up late last night and got the track laid and with a quick wire job i have trains running. I know it isn’t much to look at yet but I am on my way. It is funny my main road I model is CP but yet the first 2 trains are the Northstar and BNSF.

I do model 3 different roads, First is CP second is BNSF and 3rd is Norfolk Southern. I model modern day, when I do custom paint jobs I try and find the most current roster photos I can so I can paint and weather my locos.

Here is my new workbench with a DPM building I have just started. Lots of work to be done.


Here are some pics of a few custom paint jobs i have done is the past.