Sunday, 13 April 2014

April Update

Wow I haven't made a post since November. There hasn't been a lot done on the layout because I am still waiting on track and also because we are rebuilding the layout at the club so most of January - March was spent working there.

First I have the layout fully corked and ready for track. Here is a video tour of the layout.

Here is the most current track plan that goes with the video.

I have started to work on building for the layout as well. 

Here is the grain elevator. I am thinking of cutting it down to just 1 loading shed as in real life they would not load 2 at a time like this.

 I am going to have a rundown trailer park in one of the corners this is the first of 7 trailers i need to build.

On the opposite side of the yard will be the city. I have started to build building for here as well. I have also drawn out some streets.

This bridge is near my house and I am using it as the prototype for my bridge scene. Mine will be just a river under the bridge no highway and a double track bridge but you get the idea.

I am also kitbashing 2 George Roberts Printing building into a bigger building. Still working on how that will work.

Finally got my swing down entrance way built. Right now it is nice and stiff and fits well. We will see how it holds up over time.

That is all for now.

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